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    Our range of Powerstep Lifts are a unique step lift solution to access problems in the home, caravan, mobile home or camper van.

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    Ability Matters are one of the largest retail chains for mobility and accessibility products and assistive technologies sold directly to customers and professional clinicians from multiple locations.

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    We are experts in the measurement, design, manufacturing and fitting of stylish orthopaedic shoes. We supply both adult and children's orthopaedic footwear and our solutions are matched to your requirements.

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    At our orthotics clinic our Orthotists use advanced biomechanical analysis to assess and provide the correct orthotic solution to satisfy your needs.

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    Our team of skilled, experienced Prosthetists will match your needs to the appropriate prosthetic technology and techniques, working with you to understand your objectives and expectations.

Highly specialised private prosthetics clinics. Our team of skilled and experienced prosthetists will match your needs to the appropriate technology and techniques, working with you to understand your objectives and expectations.
Whether it is a C-Leg, a Genium, or the latest myo-electric arm, our prosthetists will assess you at one of our prosthetic clinics to ensure that your functional aims are matched by a focus on comfort.
Alternatively, contact us today to arrange a consultation with the experts - our prosthetists - to discuss your private prosthetic limb requirements.
To see more information about our prosthetics clinics England or Northern Ireland click here.
Visit one of our private clinics for expert orthotics treatment. Our Orthotists have many years' experience in providing solutions to improve function and relieve pain.
At our clinics our Orthotists use advanced biomechanical analysis to assess and provide the correct solution to satisfy your needs.
Our highly skilled Orthotists also have specialist skills in sports orthotics. This includes knee braces and sports insoles.
We have experienced fashion footwear designers who work with the Orthotist to provide comfortable, functional and fashionable orthopaedic footwear.
For more information about our high quality private orthotics clinic contact us today. To find the nearest clinic to you, click here.
Ability Matters have experienced and fully-trained staff to advise and assist you in your selection of mobility equipment or daily living aids that can be of great benefit to enhance your ability and improve your independence.
We make sure the solution is suited to your personal needs and that you get familiar with all the features. It is vital that the products match your requirements and they often have to be tailored to do so.
We can advise on and provide: profiling beds, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, bath lifts, rise recline chairs, comfort footwear and an extensive selection of Daily Living products.
We operate from six different retail locations nationwide.

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Spotlight On: Powerstep Lifts

Our compact portable Stand on Powerstep Lift allows you to easily get over a step in the home, garden, mobile home or caravan.