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      Leaders in the provision of customised solutions

      Our team of skilled, experienced Prosthetists will match your needs to the appropriate prosthetic technology and techniques, working with you to understand your objectives and expectations.  We were one of the first company in our industry to...

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      Your mobility, independence and ability matters

      Ability Matters are one of the largest retail chains for mobility and accessibility products and assistive technologies sold directly to customers and professional clinicians from multiple locations across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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      20 years’ experience providing private care

      Our Orthotists use advanced biomechanical analysis to assess and provide the correct orthotic solution to satisfy your needs.  All our clinicians are registered with the Health and Care Profession Council – HCPC so you can...

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      Mobility assessments are our speciality

      Our trained experts will help you maximise your ability to lead an active and independent life. We will assist you to select the solution tailored to your individual needs. Quality of life depends on being...

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