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    High definition silicone

    Our silicone service was founded in 1997, with our specialist technicians continually developing products and procedures to become one of the leading producers of high definition silicone products in the UK and Europe.

    For amputees who require an aesthetically accurate cosmesis to cover a prosthetic limb or rebuild damaged extremities, we are able to produce highly realistic silicone cosmetic solutions. We can match any cosmesis to a wide range of natural skin tones using our SkinMatch technology, before enhancing the product with fine details such as freckles, veins, moles and hairs. The result is an incredibly life-like prosthetic with the most natural appearance possible.
    Our services cover a broad range of silicone products, including:

    • Silicone cosmetic covers for arms and legs
    • Full or partial hands and feet
    • Individual digits
    • Silicone restoration
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