Ability Matters have over 20 years experience of providing private care. Orthotics is a small but invaluable specialism within the medical field.  The specialist who makes your orthotics is called an Orthotist, our team of Orthotists are highly skilled, experienced and trained in all area of Orthotic practise.

Orthotics are any externally applied support, designed to promote function, reduce unwanted movement or reduce deformity. They can be anything from a simple finger support or foot insole, to more complex full leg orthotics or spinal braces. They are made by taking scans, measures or moulds of the area requiring support, the specialist then optimises the design by using custom made or stock orthoses to maximise the desired outcomes.

Our highly specialised clinicians use their expertise to work with our clients to ensure the goals are met and exceeded. All our clinicians are registered with the HCPC.

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