Quickie Life Manual Wheelchair

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The Quickie Life is an active wheelchair, and comes in rigid (R) and folding (F) models. Both models are customisable by selecting from a wide range of side guards, armrests, hangers, footrests, wheels, and hand rims.

The Life R caters for the needs and requirements of first-time active wheelchair users, and is available with either a fixed or swing-away front frame. Its features are adjustable, allowing the user to fine-tune their wheelchair over time.

The Life F is available with either a fixed or swing-away front frame, and can cater for a number of needs and requirements in a foldable wheelchair. In its standard configuration, the Life F has a large number of settings to adapt to your needs, including: front and rear seat height, four camber positions, four centres of gravity, and an optional angle-adjustable back.

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Quickie Life Manual Wheelchair
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