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The Encora’s functionality is central to its success. A simple manual action enables the chair to be lowered or raised to attain the correct seat height for each user that helps to maintain an even weight distribution, the posture and stability of the individual allowing feet to be positioned firmly on the floor when seated and assists the ambulant to stand from the chair more readily.

From the highly advanced Intelli-Gel® seat module for those at very high risk of developing pressure problems through to the Transflo Gel cushion and Reflexion foam seat modules for those at medium to high risk. Indeed the flexibility of the Encore range as with the majority of the specialist seating portfolio enables users to either integrate their own pressure relieving seat cushion into the seat module of the chair or apply a flat seat board upon which it can be effectively used.

The Encora’s Advanced Comfort Backrest incorporating the highly acclaimed Reflexion foam is available to mould itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area contributing to the comfort and support of the user. Essential to the design of the sculpted backrest are the built in lateral and lumbar supports as well as the integral flexible headrest providing further positioning support and comfort for the user.

Furthermore the Encora has the ability to easily adjust the tilt-in-space positioning to facilitate ultimate pressure management without over-exertion by the carer using a simple gas action adjustment mechanism whilst the independent back recline facility enables the user to attain the most comfortable, relaxed resting position possible. Similarly the legrest can be elevated by either the carer or user by the touch of a small lever on the arm of the chair.

Benefits & Features

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Advanced Comfort Backrest
  • Extendible arcing cushioned legrest
  • Independent back angle recline
  • Integral lateral supports
  • Legrest elevation
  • Multi-directional breathable Dartex material on all patient contact surfaces
  • Seat length adjustment
  • Tilt-in-Space action

Who is it for?

  • For semi and non ambulant users
  • For those at risk from pressure related problems
  • For those seated for lengthy periods
  • General and care of the elderly wards
  • Individual home environments
  • Nursing homes and hospices
  • Specialist care units

Options & Accessories

  • Choice of 3 pressure relieving seat options (IntelliGel, Transflo Gel or Reflexion foam)
  • Cushioned or Universal Headrest
  • Laminated Tray with straps
  • Lap-Belts and Pelvic Positioners
  • Regulated Motion or Gas Action or Electrically powered

Do you qualify for VAT zero rating?

Many products sold by us may be purchased free of VAT provided the person who is buying the product meets the eligibility requirements. Chairs and adjustable beds (like lifting recliners and ExtraCare chairs) which are designed to help people who have a chronic condition (like arthritis) or a long lasting illness or disability qualify. It is not necessary to be registered disabled.

Registered charities may also make VAT exempt purchases.

For full details of HM Revenue and Customs guidelines, see Public Notice 701/7 – Relief for Disabled Persons

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