Orthotic Scanning Services

The Omega Scanner is a hand-held 3D structured light scanner, which means that a structured scatter pattern of light is projected onto a limb's surface and then the scanner picks up distortion in the pattern to determine the shape of the limb quickly and accurately.

The captured images can then be manipulated in OMEGA Tracer software for the creation of prosthetic and orthotic devices. Portable and easy-to-use, the OMEGA Scanner accommodates limited patient movement during shape capture, is ideal for capturing deep scars and invaginations, and accurate to +/-0.5mm over the entire surface area. This unique scanner can be paused and then resumed with no re-scanning necessary.


The scanning process is simple. The clinician applies a reflective sticker to the surface to be scanned, points the scanner towards the body part and presses the button. The scanner can now work effectively with only one or two reflective stickers. As the clinician moves the scanner around to capture the contours he may press and release the button as often as desired. The complete process only takes a few minutes and is completely safe for the patient.


• The 3D Laser Imager accurately captures shapes even with limited patient movement
• OMEGA Scanner is a class 1 Laser Device
• No eye protection necessary when scanning
• Fully integrated with OMEGA Tracer system
• Portable scanner connects directly to a computer
• Suitable for prosthetic and orthotic applications

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