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    Service and Repairs


    We sell locally so that we can reach our customers to maintain the products we sell and to be there if something goes wrong.

    We service and support the products of all manufacturers we sell.

    We are committed to providing excellent after sales support at a sensible price. Ask at the relevant branch for advice on our pricing.

    Warning: National/internet providers will happily sell to you but will often expect you to return the product to them if technical support is required!

    You can make an appointment to meet an engineer in store to discuss your requirements allowing you to ask as many questions as you like and agree any work and/or parts required.

    Call-outs. We will be pleased to come to you. A call-out charge will apply – please contact your nearest Ability Matters centre for details.

    We can look after you.
    Just pop in to see us or contact one of our shops.

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