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    About us

    Ability Matters Group is an international collection of companies specialising in prosthetic, orthotic and posture and mobility care. With over 30 years industry experience, we work continuously to deliver the highest standard of care possible and ensure our patients needs are met. Our experienced clinicians provide a complete service from start to finish, working at all times to optimise patient comfort and quality of life. Each solution is bespoke and tailored to the exact needs of the patient. Through Ortho Europe, our manufacturing and distribution business, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist prosthetic, orthotic, wheelchair and mobility products from leading suppliers.

    Since its foundation in 1989, the Group has established major healthcare contracts for prosthetic, orthotic, postural and mobility services in the UK and Ireland, and has continued to develop and supply high quality and effective devices. With headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK, the Group employs over 700 staff across the UK and Europe.

    Private prosthetic services

    We specialise in lower and upper limb prosthetics for any level of limb loss or limb absence. Ability Matters clinicians have access to the most sophisticated systems on the market and will guide you to the best solution available.

    Some of the bespoke services we offer include:

    • Pre-operative advice and consultation
    • Post-operative rehabilitation
    • Prosthetic socket manufacture and fitting
    • Product advice and fitting
    • Residual limb treatment
    • Cosmetic covers for prostheses

    Our Clinics are located in:

    • Abingdon
    • Dublin
    • Harrow
    • Manchester

    Ability Matters Group also provide prosthetic and orthotic services through its sister company Opcare, and a wide range of prosthetic, orthotic, wheelchair and mobility products through its manufacturing and distribution business, Ortho Europe. Orthoses are devices worn externally to the body to support, control and realign muscles and bones – and they can have a life-changing impact on the user. Some people will wear orthoses long-term, whilst others will use these temporarily, and the devices can range from knee braces to helmets to spinal supports.

    Mobility products

    We have a retail outlet in Dublin which offers mobility scooters, manual and powered wheelchairs, rollators and roll and recline chairs. Our in-store consultants are on hand to provide expert advice and to ensure that you get the right mobility aid for your specific needs, we also offer a repair and servicing service. For more information, please contact us.

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