Lynton Recliner

The exceptionally comfortable, traditionally designed, Lynton recliner comes in a choice of three sizes with chairs, lifting recliners and sofas to match! Available in a wide range of coverings, including leather. This recliner needs to be only 10cm (4″) away from the wall to allow unobstructed full recline.

The Lynton motorised recliner comes complete with an Emergency Recovery System which will operate one cycle of movement during a power cut (provided the batteries are fitted, connected and fully charged). In areas where there are frequent power cuts, we strongly recommend a Battery Back Up or Remote Charging System.

5 year guarantee on the recliner action and frame
Fully sprung cushion with chaise overlay and fibre-filled back cushion
Made in the UK

Do you qualify for VAT zero rating?

Many products sold by us may be purchased free of VAT provided the person who is buying the product meets the eligibility requirements. Chairs and adjustable beds (like lifting recliners and ExtraCare chairs) which are designed to help people who have a chronic condition (like arthritis) or a long lasting illness or disability qualify. It is not necessary to be registered disabled.

Registered charities may also make VAT exempt purchases.

For full details of HM Revenue and Customs guidelines, see Public Notice 701/7 – Relief for Disabled Persons

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