FitzKidz Hi-Hoopz Extra Stability

Hi-Hoopz are High Stability footwear with an European height upper.  Another new style to the FitzKidz range, comes in a variety of colours and is ideal for fashion conscious children needing high level of stability.  It provides improved control to the foot and ankle by using increased stiffeners in both the heel counters and sole units which makes the footwear heavier than standard footwear. Hi-Hoopz come with anatomically designed, removable insoles and are fully adaptable.  They are build on a Rehabilitation last and the structure is outlined in the specifications tab below along with other options.  Available with standard construction in black, navy/red or white stripes, purple and pink with white stripes –  in sizes 24 to 42.

Our therapeutic footwear is designed and made by experts for a variety of conditions, below are High Stability footwear indications for use:

  • Anti Toe walking intervention required
  • Severe Cerebral Palsy
  • Foot drop
  • Severe gait abnormalities
  • Increased function of orthosis

All the footwear shown in the pictures are of standard construction, made in Britain and can be modified to suit each individual prescription.

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